About Us

Who We Are

The Humanist Community at Rutgers University (HCRU) was founded in 2009.  Since then we have dedicated ourselves to providing for the Humanist community at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

For those not familiar with the Humanist movement in the US, the Community sometimes uses the term ‘Humanist’ loosely.  We welcome with open arms those that identify as Freethinkers, members of Ethical Culture, atheists, agnostics, non-theists, secularists, Pastafarians, or Brights.

For more information on what we mean by ‘Humanism’, please check out What is Humanism? to see how we and others define it.

To learn about our Chaplain and watch an interview about his thoughts on Humanism and the Community please go to our Meet the Chaplain page.

What We Do

As a Rutgers chaplaincy we perform a variety of services, including:

  • Representing the Humanist perspective at seminars, student orientations, memorial services and recreational gatherings
  • Holding events and lectures on campus on Humanist issues
  • Advising related student groups, providing inter-year stability
  • Developing a sense of shared community among students
  • Counseling and support for students, regardless of their worldview

For recent events or archives, check out our Events & Updates page.

Interested in meetings, volunteering, speaking or donating?  Please check out our Get Involved page.

To learn more about how we are making a splash read our In the News!

You can learn all about the Student Clubs we work with here.

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