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Swashbuckling Steers Pastafarians to Give Treasures to Charity
The Daily Targum, September 20
by Erin Petenko


HumanLight 2012: Secularists Add New Holiday To Crowded December Calendar
Huffington Post: Religion, December 22
by Kimberly Winston

U. Humanist Group Examines Country’s Politics
The Daily Targum, September 19
by Megan Morreale

Experiments in Forming a Humanist Community
The Humanist New Network, American Humanist Association, Sept 13
by Paul Chiariello

Finding God – or Not – On Rutgers Day
Rutgers Day Blog, April 12
by Ken Branson

Atheist Leader Encourages Non-Believers to Unite
The Daily Targum, January 26
by Adam Uzialko


Humanist Focuses on Atheist Expression
The Daily Targum, October 19
by Daniel Garber

Atheists Should Publicly Embrace Their Identities
The Daily Targum, October 6
by Giancarlo Chaux

Humanists Discuss Moral Decision-making Process
The Daily Targum, March 25
by Yashmin Patel

Humanism Gives Ethics, Purpose to People
The Daily Targum, March 24
by Barry Klassel


Speakers Advocate for Humanist Movement
The Daily Targum, Sept 14
by Nicholas Borner


Rutgers University Appoints Its First Chaplain
AHA Humanist News Network, October 21
by John Chadwick

Rutgers University’s Unconventional Chaplain, October 15

New Chaplain Brings Compassion Without Religion
The Rutgers Focus, October

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