Student Clubs

One of the main goals of the Community is to provide stability for student groups.  In this way we act as an umbrella, giving advice and a place for students to form a larger community.


RU Secular Humanists

RUSH is the newest addition to the Rutgers Humanist community.  It was founded by students in order to provide an environment for non-theists to discuss important issues, to give back to the wider Rutgers and New Jersey community through service projects, and to generate a more positive and active public image of non-theists.

You can see events and get in touch with RUSH on their Facebook page.

Atheist Student Alliance

The ASA is a member of the Secular Student Alliance and provides a presence for students that share a common identity in atheism. The focus of the ASA, like that of RUSH, is on building a community and maintaining an environment for like-minded students to get together.

You can find out more about events and the ASA at their Facebook page.

Rutgers Pastafarians  

To many, the Pastafarians may not seem to fit in with the Humanist Community, as they worship a particularly saucy Spaghetti Deity.  If you are not familiar with the religion you should check out their national website, which includes their crowd-sourced scriptures.  Club meetings focus on issues of separation of church and state and having fun – which usually involved grog, puns, pasta and dressing up as pirates.

Learn more about the Pastafarians and upcoming events at their own Facebook page.