This Monday the Humanist Community at Rutgers will participate in the Parliament of World Religions meeting to discuss Forgiveness.  And for this particular event, our hosts specially added “and Philosophies” to the title!

Please join us to hear about other traditions’ understanding of forgiveness and its importance.  HCRU, for our small part and in an attempt to represent the diversity of Humanist perspectives, will talk about the need for seeking out and giving forgiveness here and now in this world, as well as other lessons that are emerging from Positive Psychology.  We also hope to emphasize the importance of these kinds of dialogs given that no one has all of the answers and we need to look for truth wherever it hides.

 Date & Location

Monday April 7th 2014
7:30 to 9 pm
The Cove in the Busch Campus Center (BCC)

For more information, please email us at: RutgersHumanist@gmail.com

Tentative Event Schedule

An Eraser Wall will be present through the course of the event. Please write things on it that you need to forgive other people for, need forgiveness for, have been holding a grudge about and then ERASE it. A symbolic and hopefully cathartic experience.

Food will also be present for the course of the event

7:30 pm Doors open

7:45 pm Panel of representatives from each organization will introduce their basic philosophy and then answer a few key questions about forgiveness from the perspective of their religion/philosophy

  • What is the significance of the concept of sin in your philosophy/religion?
  • How does a follower of your philosophy/religion go about achieving forgiveness for his/her sins?
  • If someone has wronged you, under what circumstances can that person be forgiven?
  • How does your faith or philosophy feel about punishment for sins?
  • How does you make sure that your beliefs are relevant to your followers in world where science and technology explain so much and move the world along at such a fast pace?

8:30 – 9:15 pm Students will break off into small discussion groups (5-6 people per group) and discuss scenarios that are presented to them. Preferably using their religion/philosophy and personal experiences to justify their decisions.

9:15 pm At the end do a forgiveness meditation/prayer. And thank all the organizations without whom this event would not have been possible

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  1. hcru says:

    This event has been CANCELED, but will be rescheduled. Stay tuned!

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