Barry to Teach at Funeral Directors’ Edu Course

This weekend, Barry Klassel, the Rutgers Humanist Chaplain, will be one of the speakers at a Continuing Education course for Funeral Directors taking place on Tuesday, May 22, in Queens, New York.

The course is called “Serving Today’s Diverse Funeral Client: Tradition or Personalization? Is there room for both?” Barry will describe how to use ceremony to promote healing in a talk titled “Stenghtening Human Connections.” Barry has been officiating at end-of-life ceremonies since 2004.

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  1. Rani says:

    There’s a cheerful tgohuht for a Friday, Dave.My Granny’s funeral was without reference to any christing. No hymns either. String of Pearls on way in, We’ll meet again on the way out.People did speeches, we were all crying and laughing at the same time. Much better than some religious service though. Was a really great funeral (as they go).

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