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Applied SentienceOur new blog Applied Sentience has got off to a beautiful start.  Make sure to check it out (and subscribe)!

Recently we’ve just celebrated our 11,000th view, 1000th subscriber, and 66th post.  We also currently have a total of 6 Staff Writers from among the ranks of Rutgers students and alumni, as well as 11 other contributors – including three Rutgers Professors!

If you are interested in contributing an individual article or applying as a Staff Writer, please email us at AppliedSentience [@]  We’re (more…)

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The Rutgers Humanist Chaplaincy will not be continuing as a blog.  So, even though we’ll be keeping up all of the old posts, this page will only continue as a newsletter for the Chaplaincy.

To subscribe to our blog posts, make sure to check out the new website Applied Sentience!

On Applied Sentience you will continue to receive posts on Humanist issues by Rutgers students, alumni, professors and other contributors.

Hope you enjoy!  And make sure to let us know what you think about the new website in the comments below!

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Humanist Issues, the Chaplaincy’s newsletter and blog (what you’re reading right now!) will continuing to go through a transition over the next few weeks and months.

Shark - I say!We have lots of exciting plans.  But what does this all mean for you?

Well Humanist Issues will be continuing to send out updates to our subscribers list.  However, we will be reserving this page for news and updates about the Humanist Chaplaincy at Rutgers as well as its events at Rutgers University.

We will be discontinuing the blog portion of Humanist Issues.  Instead we hope you subscribe and continue reading our affiliated blog Applied Sentience!  At AppSent the format will be significantly different.  Specifically, one of the main aims is to nurture more involvement from Faculty and Alumni.

Also, of worthy note, Applied Sentience is currently looking for Staff Writers to regularly contribute pieces to the blog.  We already have a few writers signed up, so make sure to apply soon!  We’re looking for qualified writers, both current undergraduates and graduate students as well as Rutgers alumni.

You can check out the AppSent website for more details.  And make sure to also check us out on Facebook!

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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The Rutgers Chaplaincy is planning on shifting the blog section of Humanist Issues to a new website.  Currently Humanist Issues acts as the Chaplaincy’s newsletter as well as a forum for articles and discussions on topics related to  Humanism.  From now on the Humanist Chaplaincy at Rutgers will maintain it’s own newsletter, but will discontinue it’s blog.

Instead we are announcing Applied Sentience, a new independent blog!

Plans for a new website and social media are already in the works.  We’re also looking for staff writers from Rutgers undergraduate, graduates and alumni.

In the coming weeks we’ll make sure to keep you up to date about the transition!


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Rajesh Sannidhi

The Chaplancy’s blog Humanist Issues is planning some BIG CHANGES.  We’re hoping to develop more and better content, reach more readers and attract more involvement from Rutgers students and alum.

To help with this expansion, I would like to introduce and welcome Raj Gopal, the blog’s new Co-Editor in Chief!

Raj is a Rutgers Philosophy major who (more…)

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We finally got a new page up under the What is Humanism? tab.  You can see the YouTube: Videos & Music page here.

We are trying to create a collection of inspiring and informative videos by bloggers and artists on YouTube.  These are not dry academic pieces or lectures explaining some intellectual argument.  These are rather, I’d like to think at least, works of art.

In fact, I’ll give you my personal guarantee that if you walk away from your chair after watching 2 or 3 of them and haven’t had your heart and mind lifted up and (more…)

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We added new share buttons and a few others functions to the website’s blog posts and pages to make interacting with the Chaplaincy easier.

So if you like a post, show some love and make sure to let us know!

Like, share and all that other jazz on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else you’re using.


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New Subscription System & Weekly Email Digests

With the new Chaplaincy Website, we have changed our subscription system and started a Weekly Email Digest.  Many of you reading this in the Weekly Digest Email for the first time this week have signed up in the past, likely at one of our events, for the Humanist Chaplaincy’s emails.

Future emails will consist of excerpts and links to our Events & Updates posts for that week  the posts can be found and read in full on the website.  You will get no more than one (1) email a week, so don’t worry about being spammed.

The weekly digest will include news about Humanism and the Chaplaincy’s thoughts and responses; updates about the Chaplaincy and its website; and also information and reminders about Chaplaincy events, both ones we plan ourselves and others that we participate in.

The Chaplaincy’s monthly events are open to the public.

If you would like to unsubscribe, please send an email to with “Unsubscribe” in the subject and a brief explanation.


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Error Pages When Visiting the Website?

Volunteers at the Chaplaincy and others have been experiencing a few problems connecting to the site every now and then.  The majority of visits to the site don’t experience any problems, however.  So please, check out the website!  It’s just that if you get an error message, check back in a minute or two.  The website is definitely up and running.

We are trying to figure out the problem and emailing the relevant techies that might have some idea of what is going on.  Thank you so much for your patience!!


UPDATE: Our server provider has informed us that we were on their oldest server, which has been giving them problems lately.  Tonight, at 1am on June 7th, we’ll switch over to one of their newest servers, which should take care of the problem.  The website will be down for about half an hour.

Thank you for your patience!

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New Website Content Added!

The website is almost complete!

We’ve added loads of new pages and posts, such as Student Clubs, In the News, Further Resources, COHE Online Humanism Course, Humanist Organizations, and others.  The Donate page and feature, while up, is still disconnected as we are changing our PayPal account. Everything else, however, is up and open.  If you haven’t already, please subscribe!

The Chaplaincy is also planning a few new pages, such as a Hear from Our Students page, in which you can read more about what Humanism means by listening to students working with the Chaplaincy.

If you have any ideas, let us know!  We want to have as much information and features up as we can.  We are always looking for new ideas.  And of course, especially ones which you would like to see up!

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New Content added!

New content was added to the website.

Please check out our What is Humanism?, Meet the Chaplain, Why a Chaplaincy?, Contact Us, and Join sections.

Also, a Subscribe feature was added.  So now you can get email digests of Events & Updates posts from the website!

More edits to these sections as well as tons more content for everything else will be coming shortly.


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Change of website hosting

We are currently changing our hosting services as well as management of the website.   Because of this switch the majority of the content of the website was removed.  But don’t worry, we will be back soon!

For the next week(s) we will be adding content to the website, as well as other major changes in format and appearance.  For those familiar with the old website, we will be adding a variety of new features.

Please make a note to visit us in the near future!

Thank you so much for your patience,
Paul Chiariello

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