One of the biggest critiques of charities today is usually that either none of the money actually goes to feeding kids or that it isn’t sustainable in the long run.

That is why My Secret Atheist Blog went straight to the school he wished to help, the Kasese Humanist Primary School, and asked what they needed.

Eggs – or more specifically chickens and the means to keep them – was the reply.

You can take a look at the proposed chicken coop to the right.  You can read all about the project and how it’s sets up at MSAB’s post here.

Every single penny will be used for buying the chickens and building the coop.  And if there is any left over, it will go straight to buying the feed.

The reason the school asked so definitively for the coop was to be able to give the kids more protein in their diet.  As MSAB put it

Chickens mean eggs.  Eggs mean better fed brains.  Better fed brains can be taught good logical reasoning skills and how to be good sceptics.

You can read about the Kasese Humanist Primary School here at Foundation Beyond Belief’s profile of the school.  And can directly visit KHPS’s website here.

The Chaplaincy also did a post a few weeks back about the Growth of Humanist Schools in Uganda.

~Paul Chiariello

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  1. Mukund Bangalore says:

    The project at the Kasese Humanist Primary School is great to hear.

    In a more general consideration, it is definitely true that some charities do much more good than others. A dollar donated to a very cost-effective charity can do the same amount of good as a thousand dollars donated to an improperly run organization.

    It is also extremely difficult for us as individuals to estimate the amount of good that is produced for every dollar donated. Luckily, Givewell (, an independent, research-based charity evaluator, does the work for us. Over the last year, I have donated a $3500 to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), which is the top-rated charity by Givewell.

    It is wonderful that MSAB journeyed and got an in-depth experience at the school. But for those of us that are unable to see the impact of the money we donate, Givewell can help.

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