The past few weeks have seen a huge increase in visibility of Humanist Chaplaincies, and Humanism in general.  Here’s some links to recent highlights:

  • In a recent post on the CNN Belief Blog, Greg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard, was featured as a voice for building bridges and focusing on community during the holiday season; a counterpoint to more aggressive tactics in the atheist movement.
  • Boston’s NPR News Station WBUR 90.9 chose for its Best of 2012 one of Epstein’s post election posts.  The article warned of the dangers for politicians who wear ‘religious blinders’.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle and the Huffington Post: Religion both recently wrote feature pieces about the brand new Humanist Chaplaincy at Stanford and its Chaplain Jonathan Figdor.  The posts discuss issues ranging from what a humanist Chaplaincy does, how we might define religion, and the Seinfeld holiday Festivus.
  • Last Saturday, Chris Stedman was a guest on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show on MSNBC last night.  In the link you can read an article by Stedman on their discussion about the Newtown tragedy and blaming atheists.
  • A Huffington post article on Humanlight feautured quotes by Patrick Colucci one of the founders of the solstice season holiday.  Colucci, along with another founder of HumanLight Gary Brill, are both active members of the Humanist Chaplaincy at Rutgers.
  • With all of the recent limelight above, Greg Epstein has been recently invited to the White House to work with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and CNN political analyst David Gergen on The Inclusive America Project which is based out of the Aspen Institute.
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