Want to help the Humanist Chaplaincy grow?

There are a number of ways you can get involved!

Attend our meetings
Make your presence count!  Come to events and add to the discussion.  For many people attending events and seeing that there actually exists a community of like minded people has been a life changing experience.   Please check out the Join section.  You can also learn about upcoming events in the Events & Updates section.  Lastly, subscribe!

Get the word out
Post flyers around campus or write a blog post.  Bring up the Chaplaincy with friends, family, your local church, or Humanist organization.   If you would like copies of upcoming flyers please Contact Us.

Tabling and event set up
Though we can’t always guarantee that there will be the need, there very often is.  The biggest means of student outreach we have is tabling at open houses and student fairs and holding events.  We could always use the help, or at very least the company!

Host an event
Maybe you’d like the chaplaincy to help you!  If you’d like to host your own event, such as a fundraising event, a lecture, or a  pizza party for the students just let us know.

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