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The Humanist Community at Rutgers is affiliated with the community blog, Applied Senteince.  The aim is to not only provide a forum for Rutgers students and alum to get out and discuss their own ideas and questions, but also to explore the wonder of the world around us and our responsibility within it as human beings.

Not part of the Rutgers Community?

We would still love to hear from you!  We are always seeking perspectives on Humanist (and non-Humanist!) issues, organizations, events and conferences, internship opportunities, etc.  The only real requirement is that it adds to the conversation.

Are you a student at Rutgers mulling over an idea?

Share it!  Argue it, defend it, or just throw it out there.  Or maybe someone has already written about it.  In that case comment or write a response post.  This is not a peer reviewed journal or Seminar paper.  So feel free to leave posts open with a question.

We also are looking for poetry, photography projects, short stories or interviews, book reviews, and discussions of current events.


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  1. Milly Sil says:

    I would like to be a part of this community as I am interested in humanism. I am a PhD and had been a part time lecturer in Rutgers earlier. I had been a student as well so I am an alumnus. I would like to however write and present ideas or stories. Kindly advice on how can I do that. Is there a formal registration or something to be a part of this? Will wait for a response. Thanks, Milly.

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