Earlier this month American Atheists proudly welcomed Teresa MacBain, an ex-Pastor from Florida, to the team.

She will be working as AA’s new Public Relations Director.  Her responsibities will include “overseeing media relations, internal communications and website responsibilities.”

MacBain has been a celebrity in Humanist and atheist communities for the past few months since coming out at the American Atheists Convention 2012 in DC.  And as David Silverman, President of American Atheists, stated, she is a great example of “life after Church” for clergy who think that leaving their faith means not only leaving behind a community, but leaving community in general.

MacBain worked with The Clergy Project, an initiative that brings together clergy who are doubting God or have already left their faith.   The site describes the online community it has built as a “safe house.”

After her trying journey the Chaplaincy warmly welcomes her to New Jersey and hopes she finds a home in her new career and extended Humanist family.


~Paul Chiariello

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