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  1. Kim LeMoon says:

    Dr. Marty Klein recently spoke at the AHA annual conference on “Sex, Public Policy and Humanism.” From Klein’s blogpost about his talk, he wrote, “?Sexuality is a public policy issue that the Humanist movement is not sufficiently addressing. The Religious Right is. Constantly…Because today’s Humanism doesn’t talk explicitly about sexual issues, it hasn’t yet applied its own vocabulary to everyday sexual issues. But people are hungry for an alternative approach to the sexual issues with which they’re struggling…”

    I think this would be a great topic for discussion – could we invite Dr. Klein to speak?

  2. Michael Jacobsen says:

    I would like to see the RHC host Jerry deWitt or Teresa McBain to talk about the problems facing anyone going through a period of religious de-conversion.

  3. Cari Park says:

    Sam Singleton Atheist Evangelist, performance humorist and satirist will be traveling in the New Jersey area in Oct, 2012.

    If you are not familiar with Brother Sam, please see his website. You will see that he has performed at some noted conferences, most recently the American Atheist Convention in DC and Imagine No Religion2 in British Columbia. He is on both the SSA and CFI speaker’s bureau, and will be doing a show at the National Atheist Party Convention Oct 6 in Boston.

    I am his tour manager, and would like to work with you to bring Sam Singleton to Rutgers.

    Thank you!

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