Humanist/Atheist Movement, New Cultural Force

Greta Christina, a well known atheist blogger, in a recent article outlines the growth and cultural clout of the Atheist Movement.

From the Reason Rally in DC with 20-30,000 participants – in the rain! – to billboards and massive fundraising projects, Greta describes how non-theists are getting active and getting noticed in the US.

To add to this list I’d like to note the huge growth in Humanist Chaplaincies.  Only a few years ago there was a single Humanist Chaplaincy in the US at Harvard.  Today there are five of us.  And at least two being planned as I write this.  Not to mention the Tufts Freethought Society, whose students have been advocating for one for a while.

To read the article check it out at Atheism’s New Clout.


~Paul Chiariello

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