By Jimmy Palmer,
President, RU Secular Humanist Club

'Humanists Against Malaria' Bakesale

Every time I am asked in front of Brower Commons, a known hotspot for fundraising and protest, to sign a petition I ask the obvious question, “What does this petition support?”

So I would be doing you a disservice if I were to ask you to join Rutgers University Secular Humanists (RUSH) and ask you to be a student Humanist without backing up what these items entail.

This will give you a good idea what to expect of RUSH, Humanism, and me, if writing is of any indicator.

RUSH is a brand new student organization which has its main goals in mind to, “…understanding the nature of humanity, promote humanism, and bettering the world through community service.” Taken from our Facebook page, we have outlined three categories that our activities will help promote.

It is important that we keep a perspective and say it is impossible given restraints of time, size, and budget that our agenda’s actions will single handedly solve all problems dealing with humanity but I hope every voice helps.

There is a small voice of mine in my mind that reminds me that people don’t know whether or not they even agree with each other, even when they state that they are in opposition. Why don’t we sort this part of our foray into RUSH?

You hopefully agree that whatever action one takes it should be good and do the most for those people who benefit in its harvest of effects. Noting this I think you would then agree that people and their surroundings are the beneficiaries of ethics with which the good things you do come out of.

With that we figure whatever it is that best serves humanity must come from good reasons, has to be justified and ought to be the basis of our ethical thoughts, with some consideration of other creatures. If all of this sounds either obvious or is consistent with your current state of thought congratulations you are a Humanist.

(For those interested in philosophy this doesn’t obligate you to any particular ‘normative stance’.)

RUSH as a group has two main activities: 1) meet multiple times to talk about ethical humanistic non belief in god type of conversations and 2) help raise funds for a charity outside of Brower.

When I say RUSH has done these things I am talking of different people at different times. University is a game of time management so people understand that students have pre-scheduled plans and that students might be interested in some parts of the group rather than others. This is fine. No one expects a student to be the ultimate in attendance, philanthropy, discussion, protest, and etcetera.

I want to however make a group that makes an effort in trying to do these things and have fun whilst doing the activities.

Right now my job is to make this group an actual student organization approved by Rutgers that has a constitution, members signed list, and a space in which to hold meetings.

But the part that is the largest hurdle is members, without people who are already interested in RUSH existing we can’t exist. By reading this you are invited to OUR FIRST MEETING.

Please consider this and if you have any questions about specifics or just about the university from a student’s perspective (for you incoming students) you can email my account: username GingerAtheist.

-Jimmy Palmer,
President of RU Secular Humanists
RU School of Engineering Sophomore

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