Check out and rate Professor Dan Ogilvie’s funny and intimately engaging new TED Talk speech!

Although a materialist, Ogilvie has been leading a research team at Rutgers University called the Soul Searching Project.  The project has been investigating a wide range of interdisciplinary questions on what people believe about the soul.

As TED describes the talk,

Rutgers University Professor of Psychology Daniel Ogilvie is researching what causes people to believe in souls and the afterlife.

But as atheists and materialists, why should we care about the soul and people’s magical beliefs?

Because, as Ogilvie explains at the end of his talk, this discussion is about our very nature, what we believe, how we’re programmed by both nature and nurture, and what the facts of the matter lead us to.

It is about our life and how we live it, just as much as about our death and how we face it.

And, most importantly, that in the act of talking about these things together and trying to figure them out we can become better people.

Since this is just the audition, please check out the page here and rate it for content and presentation!

Humanism is not a set of given beliefs, but a method.  It is a way of engaging life’s questions.  And there are few more important questions that how we live and face death.


~Paul Chiariello

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