The Humanist Community at Rutgers University newsletter will be starting a new monthly digest of articles published by Rutgers students and alumni on Applied Sentience – a new national platform for the next-generation of Humanist thinkers.


The Fiction Fallacy: Part 1, The Problem” by Alex Ioakimidis

Check out Alex’s first article as one of AS’s newest Staff Writers!  Alex, a Rutgers undergraduate, explores the use of “What If?” questions in fiction and wonder whether they can be of any real, substantive use in developing answers.

Of Hidden Gods: Sometimes Absence of Evidence IS Evidence of Absence” by Paul Chiariello

Have you ever talked with a theist who admits there aren’t any good argument or evidence for God, but still states that this doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist?  AS Managing Editor and HCRU Director Paul Chiariello argues that, while this maxim is usually true, there are exception and evidence for God is one of them.

Reason vs Religion at Rutgers: Julien Musolino Debates Mark Baker” by Leo Kozachkov

Leo, a Rutgers undergrad and frequent writer for Applied Sentience, reviews the recent Veritas Forum event at Rutgers in which HCRU’s very own Faculty Adviser and author of the recent book The Soul Fallacy debates linguist Mark Baker on their “perspectives on Science and Faith.”

Why We’re Here: Exploring the Causes of Hong Kong’s Protests” by Denzel Zhu

The recent Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong marked an important moment in the history and future of the city state.  But as things usually are, the issues at the core of the protest are complex.  n this article Denzel, a Rutgers Sophomore, clears up some of this complexity in his thorough analysis.


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