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We thought you may be interested in a recent article about Rutgers Professor and HCRU Faculty Adviser Dr Julien Musolino.  The article, titled Students in Rutgers Psychology Class Probe Religious Mind and published on the Rutgers SAS website, explores the unique content and approach to the study of religion that the course offers.

The course explores religion from a scientific perspective, covering domains ranging from neuroscience to American culture, and even human nature more broadly.  Over the semester, the 200 students registered for Dr. Musolino’s “Religious Mind” ask: Why do we believe in Gods?  And further, distrust atheists?  Do human beings have souls, and is there an afterlife? And does religion make us moral?  Throughout the course, students are encouraged to answer these and many others questions by sifting through the empirical research we have to date.

As one sophomore Uri Veit explained, “I’d never come across a college class that analyzes religion from an empirical scientific perspective… I spent most of my life around religion and I want to understand those beliefs from the psychological perspective.”

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact the Humanist Community at Rutgers.  You can also read Dr. Musolino’s book The Soul Fallacy: What Science Shows We Gain by Letting Go of Our Soul Beliefs, which is read during the course, in the link provided.

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