Tabling at RU New Student Events – May-Aug 2012

The Humanist Chaplaincy regularly Tables at Student orientations throughout the summer.  This year we have over a dozen events planned and will be sending out more information as they approach.  Most events are for either Incoming Freshmen or Transfer Students.  However, like this previous weekend, we also set up tables for Alumni events.

Even if you don’t know what ‘Tabling’ is, you’ve likely already seen it.  The Chaplaincy sets up a fold-able table, among sometimes dozens of other organizations, and then sets up poster boards, pamphlets and other information about the Chaplaincy.  In past events we’ve also had games, like Guess the Humanist.

We could always use help setting up for events or you could come by just to keep us company.  If you are already familiar with the Chaplaincy, please come and talk to students that stop by to ask questions.  If you are an incoming Rutgers student, please stop by as well!  We would love to have conversation.

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2 Responses to Tabling at RU New Student Events – May-Aug 2012

  1. Artem says:

    I think that humanist grupos are religious organizations given that the point of humanist grupos is to provide an alternative to religion. On the religion part of the questionnaire, they are other . While atheism is not itself a religion, the atheist position is a position on religion, and therefore an organization of atheists and agnostics is an organization built around a position on religion, which makes it a religious organization.It’s not like belief in god is required in order to fill out some forms to make some government peons happy. In any case, my secular wedding in Ontario was performed by a JP (who also happened to be an ordained pastor in the United Church) who was perfectly happy to do whatever the hell we wanted at the ceremony. I don’t really see the need for humanist associations to provide similar services when there are always JPs (and open-minded clergy) looking to make some weekend money providing marriage services.

    • Paul says:

      I’m sad to hear you don’t see the need for Humanist organizations. But if that suits your life, then I wish you well. However, it is simply the fact of the matter that many people do not agree with you. Many people find much fulfillment, guidance and enrichment in like-minded Humanist communities. If you find life enriching without such communities I feel happy for you. However, it is part of the Chaplaincy’s mission to help individuals understand that others are often different than them.

      The Humanist Chaplaincy at Rutgers also does not perform weddings. We exclusively cater to the faculty, staff, alumni and, most importantly, students of Rutgers University. This usually consists of advice to individuals who seek it, nurturing a sense of community among students, working toward making connections with other groups on campus, etc. You can check out our About Us page for more details.

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