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Camp Quest’s mission is to build community, foster wonder at the world around us, encourage the use of reason and compassion, and just plain provide an amazing week for the next generation.  Currently there are 17 camps around the country, as well as in Canada, England, and Switzerland.

Camp Quest Chesapeake

CQC LogoCamp Quest Chesapeake is a week long sleep away camp full of fun, friends, and freethought located in the DC area.  This year’s camp will run from July 13th to 19th in the south Richmond, Virginia area.  CQC is still looking for both counselor and camper’s.  Camper Registration is due before June 14th and fills up quickly!

Camp Quest New England

Camp Quest New England is starting its first full week this summer!  While camper registration is not quite open, CQNE is in need of counselors and staff.  No prior experience is needed as training is provided prior to camp and on site.  Though a registration deadline is not yet set, please register ASAP! This summer, CQ New England will run from July 27th to August 2nd.  So mark your calendars!

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With the Reason Rally in DC, the US National Day of Reason and prominent atheists making more and more public appearances, it’s no surprise that Humanist groups are growing faster than ever.

Camp Quest Chesapeake (at which I’ll be a camp counselor this July) had 35 kids last year for their week long Humanist/Freethinkers camp.  It was their first year and, by all accounts I’ve heard, it went off beautifully.  A good bit of growth was obviously expected for the following year.  But after Camp Quest set up a tent at the Reason Rally and an article was published in the Washington Post on the camp, that number has more than doubled to 70 – and even more campers would have likely signed up if the Camp didn’t close registration on reaching capacity.

Humanist, Freethinkers and atheists of all (more…)

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