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What do you think about the Democratic National Convention taking out and then putting back “GOD” in their Platform??

Do you think it should be taken out of the Dem Platform??  Is it harmful or inappropriate to stay in??  Are there pragmatic concerns that it should remain there… for now??  Or does it not really matter?


On the one hand, there are concerns about who represents atheists, and non-theists in general.  And further, are they being explicitly marginalized?

The re-assertion of “In God We Trust” as the national motto by the House of Representatives in Nov 2011 seems to imply that if you’re an atheist, then you aren’t part of the “WE”.

Does this reaffirmation of God in the Dem Platform now explicitly marginalize or exclude atheists?

On the other hand, are there any pragmatic arguments as to keeping it?  For instance, it’s merely an empty symbol or all things in their time.  If the Democrats kept it out they would lose too many voters and Romney would win.  If so, defeating Romney now might be worth keeping a merely symbolic reference for a while longer.

So does the use of a single scribble on paper really matter that much if their policies aren’t theocratic? and the losses it might spur if kept be too big?


So what are your thoughts?? Was the move harmful and marginalizing?  Or a necessary bit of pragmatism?

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Of course the so-called argument from authority doesn’t amount to an argument or any kind of proof.  Everyone could be wrong, after all.  But if we didn’t give some weight to authority you’d have to dismiss everything your teacher told you in school which you didn’t observe yourself.  So asking what the experts say is of some value.

So where do the ‘authorities’ who study the questions of God’s existence, the nature of the world beyond the senses, and what morality is like stand?  When the greatest minds who have devoted themselves to these questions get together and mull over all the arguments that history has produced, what do they conclude?

A survey published in PhilPapers asking academic philosophers 30 different multiple choice questions has broken it down for us.  It turns out that a significant majority of Philosophers are (more…)

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