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The Chaplaincy is proud to announce the new Faculty Board of Directors!  You can check out a description and bio’s of our first three members in the link.

The idea of the Board is, first, to simply provide a degree of awareness among Rutgers students of like-minded professors.  Part of the mission of the Chaplaincy is to provide a sense of community on the Rutgers campus.  And part of community requires being acquainted with who the other members of that community are!  Second, Board members will be encouraged to have informal dinners with students, that the Chaplaincy will help arrange, and to submit pieces to the Rutgers Humanist blog Applied Sentience.

Our first three members are all professors in the Psychology Department: Professors Gary Brill, Julien Musolino, and Daniel Ogilvie. To see their biographies and some of their current research, TED talks and interviews check out the link!

Though this is a good start, keep checking the page.  We’ll be approaching many more professors over the summer and coming term!

Have any ideas or recommendations?? Make sure to put them in the comments below?

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By Barry Klassel
Humanist Chaplain at Rutgers University

A couple of years ago I performed a humanist civil union ceremony in the beautiful formal gardens that adjoined a mansion on the campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University.  The elegant building was designed in the 1890s by famed architect Stanford White.  After the ceremony I enjoyed a bit of wine at the reception inside one of the fine halls and, as I was gathering my stuff to leave, the couple asked me if I would stay and say Grace for the meal that would follow.  

I knew I had been working on a version of a humanist Grace and I hurriedly tried to remember what I’d written (more…)

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By Thomas O’Rourke
President of the Philosophy Club
Rutgers University Class of ’13 

I had intended to finish this article in the beginning of September, but my health took a turn for the worse and then midterms came and before I knew it September was October and three presidential debates had come and gone.

With the election days away, what I have to say is more pressing than ever.

I thought that for my first blog post, I would comment on an important issue facing the secular community, which I discussed with David Silverman during our last meeting in February. For those who don’t remember the feel of the community back then, politics came to the forefront with the rise of the Atheist Party. A cursory examination of their platform reveals them to be a (refreshingly) more honestly liberal version of the Democrats.

This prompted me to ask “What is the role of politically right-leaning nonbelievers in (more…)

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 Godless Public Policy: Is It a Myth?

Come hear Amanda Knief, former atheist lobbyist, constitutional law and public policy expert, and current managing director of American Atheists discuss the impact of local, state, and national elections on the Non-Theistic movement — as well as how to get active in public policy and politics.

As the 2012 elections draw near, does an atheist have any reason to vote? YES!

Come and hear Amanda Knief speak about: 

-Religion & Politics in the US Elections 
-The Importance of Non-Theistic American Voices
-Atheist and Humanist Activism in the US  (more…)

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By Godless Poutine
Blogger at My Secret Atheist Blog 

The Situation in Uganda

According to the the United Nations World Food Programme, “Uganda was ranked 161 out of 187 countries on the 2011 UNDP Human Development Index, with half the population living below the international poverty line.”

Uganda is also home to the notorious Kill the Gays bill and, according to the BBC, the most dangerous places to live if you are gay.  It’s a place where magazines can issue death sentences if you are outed as homosexual that are actually carried out.  Much of it is the result of a quickly growing fundamentalist Christian presence.

But there is at least one beacon of knowledge and hope in this darkness in the form of a most extraordinary school.

The Kasese Humanist Primary School

The Kasese Humanist Primary School (KHPS) was founded in 2010 by Secular Humanist Bwambale Robert.

This was just one year after he founded the Kasese United Humanist Association.  Since its inception the school has already made an enormous positive impact on students, parents and the community.

KHPS is a secular school offering Nursery and Primary education in the communities around Kasese Municipality.The education offered is (more…)

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This September, at the Chaplaincy’s first event of the semester, we will be presenting David Niose, the President of the American Humanist Association.

He will be presenting on his new book Nonbeliever Nation: the Rise of Secular Americans.


Check out the Facebook Event Page!

The meeting will be Sept 17th at 7:30pm at the RU Student Center in Multipurpose Rm A, New Brunswick.

Parking is available in Lot 30 and in the College Avenue Parking Deck.  Click here for map and directions.

Details about the event in the flyer below:


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September 4th is the first day of classes.

The Humanist Chaplaincy at Rutgers would like to WELCOME all of the new incoming students and all those returning, hopefully, well rested from the summer.

While finalizing your classes, we would like to invite you to get involved with your Rutgers community outside the classroom.

The Humanist Chaplaincy offers a number of presentations throughout the semester from (more…)

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By Stephanie LeRoy
Director of Center For Inquiry NYC & Camp Inquiry counselor

I love when folks ask me about Camp Inquiry. Immediately my eyes light up and I give a big smile.

My mind shuffles through the snapshots from a week of wonderful moments and I have to pause before I can answer because I don’t know where to start. I’m hoping that typing it out may be easier for me, but I’ve already rewritten this introduction four times. How can I possibly put into words this week-long sensation of joy and optimism?


On paper, Camp Inquiry is a secular summer camp for kids ages 7 to 16 that works toward helping youth confront the challenges of living a non-theistic, skeptical, and secular lifestyle in a (more…)

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Earlier this month American Atheists proudly welcomed Teresa MacBain, an ex-Pastor from Florida, to the team.

She will be working as AA’s new Public Relations Director.  Her responsibities will include “overseeing media relations, internal communications and website responsibilities.”

MacBain has been a celebrity in Humanist and atheist communities for the past few months since coming out at the American Atheists Convention 2012 in DC.  And as David Silverman, President of American Atheists, stated, she is a great example of “life after Church” for clergy who  (more…)

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One of the biggest critiques of charities today is usually that either none of the money actually goes to feeding kids or that it isn’t sustainable in the long run.

That is why My Secret Atheist Blog went straight to the school he wished to help, the Kasese Humanist Primary School, and asked what they needed.

Eggs – or more specifically chickens and the means to keep them – was the reply.

You can take a look at the proposed chicken coop to the right.  You can read all about the project and how it’s sets up at MSAB’s post here.

Every single penny will be used for (more…)

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The Chaplaincy is finally finishing up its plans for the Fall Schedule.

Below are our current plans for the semester’s events.

Let us know what sounds good or what else you might like to see.  Suggestions, comments, squeels of excitement?  Write them in the comments below!

Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans

Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular AmericansMonday, September 17, 2012, 7:30pm, Rutgers Student Center

David Niose, President of American Humanist Association, discusses his new book, Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans, about “how public policy has been decimated by the rise of engaged religious fundamentalists since 1980” and how the modern secular movement (more…)

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Humanist Crisis Response

The wildfires in Colorado have caused over 32,000 evacuations and destroyed hundreds of homes so far.  And a lot must be done to make sure that number does not continue to grow.

As the cost for fighting the fires continues to rise, FBB’s emergency response branch, the Humanist Crisis Response, has decided to step in where they see the need is greatest, by aiding “seriously underfunded and understaffed first responders” in (more…)

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With the Reason Rally in DC, the US National Day of Reason and prominent atheists making more and more public appearances, it’s no surprise that Humanist groups are growing faster than ever.

Camp Quest Chesapeake (at which I’ll be a camp counselor this July) had 35 kids last year for their week long Humanist/Freethinkers camp.  It was their first year and, by all accounts I’ve heard, it went off beautifully.  A good bit of growth was obviously expected for the following year.  But after Camp Quest set up a tent at the Reason Rally and an article was published in the Washington Post on the camp, that number has more than doubled to 70 – and even more campers would have likely signed up if the Camp didn’t close registration on reaching capacity.

Humanist, Freethinkers and atheists of all (more…)

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Your One Stop Shop for Humanist/atheist Blogs

Understatement: the internet is a vast place.  Of course Google is sometimes dumbfounding in how accurate its searches can be, but still it’s often hard to find what you’re looking for if you don’t exactly know what it is.

If you’re interested in reading Humanist or atheist blogs but can’t quite seem to find any good ones, Alltop.com on their atheism page has succeeded in putting the best of ’em together for you.  They also rank some of the most popular recent posts as well, so you don’t have to sift through every blog.

Also, make sure to check out Freethought Blogs.  This website is a must for links to some of the best science, philosophy and opinion blogs in Humanism and atheism on the web.

If your favorite blog isn’t on the Alltop page or Freethought Blogs, make sure to share it and write it down in the comments below!

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