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The Chaplaincy is proud to announce the new Faculty Board of Directors!  You can check out a description and bio’s of our first three members in the link.

The idea of the Board is, first, to simply provide a degree of awareness among Rutgers students of like-minded professors.  Part of the mission of the Chaplaincy is to provide a sense of community on the Rutgers campus.  And part of community requires being acquainted with who the other members of that community are!  Second, Board members will be encouraged to have informal dinners with students, that the Chaplaincy will help arrange, and to submit pieces to the Rutgers Humanist blog Applied Sentience.

Our first three members are all professors in the Psychology Department: Professors Gary Brill, Julien Musolino, and Daniel Ogilvie. To see their biographies and some of their current research, TED talks and interviews check out the link!

Though this is a good start, keep checking the page.  We’ll be approaching many more professors over the summer and coming term!

Have any ideas or recommendations?? Make sure to put them in the comments below?

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