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By Jimmy Palmer,
President, RU Secular Humanist Club

'Humanists Against Malaria' Bakesale

Every time I am asked in front of Brower Commons, a known hotspot for fundraising and protest, to sign a petition I ask the obvious question, “What does this petition support?”

So I would be doing you a disservice if I were to ask you to join Rutgers University Secular Humanists (RUSH) and ask you to be a student Humanist without backing up what these items entail.

This will give you a good idea what to expect of RUSH, Humanism, and me, if writing is of any indicator.

RUSH is a brand new student organization which has its main goals in mind to, “…understanding the nature of humanity, promote humanism, and bettering the world through community service.” Taken from our Facebook page, we have outlined (more…)

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