The Growth of Humanist Schools In Uganda


What most people only seem to hear about religion and Uganda in the news today is the Kill the Gays Bill, the Lord’s Resistance Army and Joseph Kony or general religious intolerance, superstition and witch hunts.  But like all such media storms that fill our minds with the worst, there is still a lot of hope to be found.

Isaac Newton Secondary School, MasakaThe Uganda Humanist Association, founded 15 years ago, is a growing vibrant national network of groups that hopes to turn Uganda towards a rational, evidence based approach to dispel superstition and bigotry and promote the value of our common Humanity.  No unquestioning faith or dogmatic doctrines that must be subscribed to, but rationalism and compassion that we each are responsible to ourselves for.

One of the most important projects of UHA is their Uganda Humanist Schools Association.  So far there are 4 different schools.  A primary school in Kasese and secondary schools in Musaka, Busota, and Mpigi.  In the picture above is the Isaac Newton Secondary School, Msaka.  HCRU fully supports UHA’s projects and hopefully plans on getting involved more personally in the future.

Please consider visiting the sites and contributing to this very worthy cause!


~by Paul Chiariello

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