A whole new year is about to start.  And with the RU Seniors of 2013 graduated and off into the ‘real world’ we have a whole new class – with fresh ideas and spirit – coming in.

We have a lot planned for this semester:

  • Peter Singer will be discussing Christianity and Ethics with Charles Camosy on September 9th;
  • A Rutgers Humanist Delegation of students will be attending the Interfaith Youth Core’s Leadership Institute in NYC in August;
  • The associated Rutgers Humanist Blog Applied Sentience will be publishing even more as we add on further Staff Writers;
  • Discussions will continue as we look for a house on campus and visit options;
  • And much more!

To new students, I invite you to check out the two student clubs associated with the RU Humanist Chaplaincy: the RU Pastafarians and the Atheist Student Alliance.  You can read more on our Student Clubs page, too.

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